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<small><strong class="hdnn">14 October 2019</strong></small>14 October 2019

Federico Ruberto presents
Models and Fictions: the Archi-tectonic of Virtual Reality
at the
2019 Lisbon Architecture Triennale, section
Artificial Realities: Virtual as an Aesthetic Medium for Architectural

<small><strong class="hdnn">13 September 2019</strong></small>13 September 2019

Happy Mid-Autumn Day!

<small><strong class="hdnn">05 September 2019</strong></small>05 September 2019

reMIX Trip

<small><strong class="hdnn">01 July 2019</strong></small>01 July 2019

Federico Ruberto’s research cluster FormAxioms is operative
online (, some sections are still in progress).
The cluster was established at SUTD in 2018 by Eva Castro and
Federico Ruberto as a research framework, agency and teaching unit.
formAxioms’s agency is promoted by a research based on speculative
narratives that engages de-sign focusing on two scales: territorial and
architectural assemblages.

<small><strong class="hdnn">26 June 2019</strong></small>26 June 2019

Youfang Interview "Chenchen: inspirations for architecture from
the field of landscape"

<small><strong class="hdnn">22 June 2019</strong></small>22 June 2019

reMIX Studio will join the LPS VIP event "JUST DESIGN"

<small><strong class="hdnn">30 April 2019</strong></small>30 April 2019

Final Review of “Form Axioms: Design Strategies in South
China Sea”
, speculative unit led by Eva Castro and Federico Ruberto
at “SUTD”, Singapore University of Technology and Design, Architecture
and Sustainable Design.

<small><strong class="hdnn">29 April 2019</strong></small>29 April 2019

Final Review and exhibition of “The Digital Archive”, Core Studio II
at “SUTD”, Singapore University of Technology and Design.
The studio explored the thresholds between the real and the virtual
through the use of Virtual Reality, Federico Ruberto designed the
Studio's brief and curated the lecture series which connected design to
philosophy through "digital humanities".

<small><strong class="hdnn">15 April 2019</strong></small>15 April 2019

Federico Ruberto translates Mario Botta's Masterclass at “SUTD”
and moderates the private conversation between the architect and the
students. More at?“”.
Image copyright Imovox

<small><strong class="hdnn">10 January 2019</strong></small>10 January 2019

Harvard GSD students visited reMIX studio

<small><strong class="hdnn">17 November 2018</strong></small>17 November 2018

reMIX partner Nicola Saladino takes part in the Architecture Forum
hosted by 2018 Chongqing International Creative Week

<small><strong class="hdnn">July 2018</strong></small>July 2018

Artists Community is built and it has just been published on Dezeen

<small><strong class="hdnn">20 May 2018</strong></small>20 May 2018

Chen Chen spoke at the White Bazaar at Beijing Fun, introducing
reMIX's white space design of the Shunyi House project.

<small><strong class="hdnn">25 April 2018</strong></small>25 April 2018

reMIX won the Futian School competition. Futian School is a middle
school that accommodates 3000 students, located in the centre of
Futian District, Shenzhen.

<small><strong class="hdnn">18 April 2018</strong></small>18 April 2018

Final Review of “Nepal Agenda | Iteration Two”, Landscape Urbanism
Unit lead by Eva Castro and Federico Ruberto at SUTD, Singapore
University of Technology and Design, Architecture and Sustainable Design.

<small><strong class="hdnn">22 June 2017</strong></small>22 June 2017

Federico Ruberto presents “Form and Matter: (de)Signs Between
Control and Contingency” at the symposium “Postcards From the
Anthropocene: Unsettling the Geopolitics of Representation”
organized at the University of Edinburgh.

<small><strong class="hdnn">18 March 2017</strong></small>18 March 2017

reMIX Studio's work has been recently shown at Architecture Made
in Italy
, an exhibition curated by Alessandra Ferrari and Livio
Sacchi which displays current trends of contemporary architecture
specifically focusing on Italian firms.

<small><strong class="hdnn">18 January 2017</strong></small>18 January 2017

Federico Ruberto and Dalian UD director Wenhai Li interviewed by
Bau Blog explain the construction process of the Dalian Pavilion.

<small><strong class="hdnn">03 January 2017</strong></small>03 January 2017

Harvard GSD students visit our studio during a two-week field trip in

<small><strong class="hdnn">29 December 2016</strong></small>29 December 2016

Chen Chen is interviewed by?GARLIC (an innovative think-tank and
design cross-disciplinary platform promoting young leaders in design).

<small><strong class="hdnn">08 December 2016</strong></small>08 December 2016

Shunyi House was published on Turkish architecture magazine

<small><strong class="hdnn">23 September - 7 October 2016</strong></small>23 September - 7 October 2016

reMIX installation "Baitasi in Layers" is exhibited in Gongmenkou
Food Market as part of Baitasi Remade program for the 2016 Beijing
Design Week. More info here

<small><strong class="hdnn">28 September 2016</strong></small>28 September 2016

Nicola Saladino joins the Soft City // Soft Structure forum at Baitasi TGS.
The open discussion explores the ways flexible, adaptable, interactive
systems can change the structure of our cities

<small><strong class="hdnn">6-12 August 2016</strong></small>6-12 August 2016

reMIX studio and organize a parametric design workshop
on three-dimensional data analysis and visualization

<small><strong class="hdnn">June 2016</strong></small>June 2016

Federico Ruberto and Eva Castro lead a three months option studio
at SUTD - Singapore University of Technology and Design.
The course focuses on geopolitical and local strategies investigating
alternative urban-agricultural models, “scales and thresholds”, for the
redevelopment of three key areas in Nepal. More info here

<small><strong class="hdnn">14 April 2016</strong></small>14 April 2016

The catalogue of “Trans-Design - Shanghai Art&Design” is on sale.
In the exhibition reMIX curated the spatial arrangement of “Design in
Action”. Check the project here

<small><strong class="hdnn">01 April 2016</strong></small>01 April 2016

Federico Ruberto is interviewed by the Russian State Television
regarding trends and changes of Chinese urbanization processes

<small><strong class="hdnn">30 January 2016</strong></small>30 January 2016

Federico Ruberto leads a workshop on territorial analysis.
"De-coding Surat" is part of "Re-Evolution", 2016 NASA annual
gathering this year organized by Shivarao Channapattan and
Karishma Desai at Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, India

<small><strong class="hdnn">06 January 2016</strong></small>06 January 2016

Harvard GSD students visit our studio during a two weeks field trip in

<small><strong class="hdnn">01 January 2016</strong></small>01 January 2016

Our Shunyi House is built!

<small><strong class="hdnn">8 December 2015</strong></small>8 December 2015

Federico Ruberto gives a lecture on territorial analysis and the concept
of "indexing" at Zhengzhou University of Light Industry

<small><strong class="hdnn">October- December 2015</strong></small>October- December 2015

reMIX is invited for an international workshop at Zhengzhou University
of Light Industry
. Students work on the redevelopment of a historical
neighborhood in Zhengzhou city center

<small><strong class="hdnn">5 November 2015</strong></small>5 November 2015

Chen Chen presents reMIX renovation projects in a lecture at Beijing
Forestry University

<small><strong class="hdnn">1-9 October 2015</strong></small>1-9 October 2015

Nicola Saladino and Hana Huang lead a unit on Parametric Urban Design
at the Beijing AA Visiting School

<small><strong class="hdnn">08 September 2015</strong></small>08 September 2015

Chen and Federico interviewed by CDBA International Education
present reMIX latest projects and academic commitments

<small><strong class="hdnn">01 September 2015</strong></small>01 September 2015

Federico Ruberto lecture “Between sapience and sentience, machinic
hermeneutics and the signs of matter”, given at LCD Beijing Design
Week workshop

<small><strong class="hdnn">September 2015</strong></small>September 2015

Laboratory for Creative Design takes off with a first workshop on
computation and 3d printing during Beijing Design Week

<small><strong class="hdnn">July 2015</strong></small>July 2015

Nicola Saladino and Chen Chen give a lecture on reMIX renovation
projects at Chengdu Art Design Week

<small><strong class="hdnn">June 2015</strong></small>June 2015

Federico Ruberto's essay "Photo-Graphing the Hyper-Index" is the third
chapter of Nadia Amoroso's "Representing Landscapes: Digital".
It's published by Routledge and you can find it on Amazon here.

<small><strong class="hdnn">May 2015</strong></small>May 2015

Orchid Hotel construction resumes!

<small><strong class="hdnn">May 2015</strong></small>May 2015

reMIX and CC Ltd win competition for the post-industrial redevelopment
masterplan of Dongguan #33 Art District

<small><strong class="hdnn">April 2015</strong></small>April 2015

Con-Cave is featured on the Korean magazine Concept, Vol. 193,
CA Press

<small><strong class="hdnn">April 2015</strong></small>April 2015

Con-Cave is featured on the Thai magazine B1, Volume 8, Issue 91

<small><strong class="hdnn">9 April 2015</strong></small>9 April 2015

reMIX re.opening in Dashilar! (Check the project here)

<small><strong class="hdnn">April 2015</strong></small>April 2015

Shunyi House is under construction

<small><strong class="hdnn">31 March 2015</strong></small>31 March 2015

Chen Chen gives a lecture on reMIX latest projects at Tsinghua

<small><strong class="hdnn">20 January 2015</strong></small>20 January 2015

Tsighua University students visiting reMIX

<small><strong class="hdnn">15 January 2015</strong></small>15 January 2015

Harvard GSD students visit our studio during a two weeks field trip in

<small><strong class="hdnn">12 December 2014</strong></small>12 December 2014

Critique day of our Studio at CAFA International Foundation Course,
a process-based workshop in which traditional crafts were analyzed,
information-techniques-processes were studied to understand and
augment the possible applications of certain materials.
For more pics check our facebook page

<small><strong class="hdnn">12 December 2014</strong></small>12 December 2014

a-void is awarded the 2014 Beijing Design Week prize for "Excellent
Project" in the Urban Renewal category

<small><strong class="hdnn">9 December 2014</strong></small>9 December 2014

Nicola Saladino gives a lecture on Landscape Urbanism and reMIX
latest projects at Tsinghua University

<small><strong class="hdnn">15 November 2014</strong></small>15 November 2014

Final review of the 3-week workshop “Dissectioning space - From pure
description to three-dimensional manipulation" at CAFA International
Foundation Course

<small><strong class="hdnn">October 2014</strong></small>October 2014

YMZ2, featured in Dashilar Project publication

<small><strong class="hdnn">August - September 2014</strong></small>August - September 2014

reMIX study on Beijing urban conditions is included in the catalogue of
the exhibition "Muntadas: Asian Protocols" by Seoul Total Museum of
Contemporary Art

<small><strong class="hdnn"> 25 september 2014</strong></small> 25 september 2014

a-void, reMIX new installation that virtually reconstructs the future
configuration of Yangmeizhu 2 is exhibited in the 2014 Beijing Design

<small><strong class="hdnn">26 July - 3 August 2014</strong></small>26 July - 3 August 2014

Nicola Saladino leads the workshop "The Vertical City" as part of the
Architecture Summer School in Tsinghua University

<small><strong class="hdnn">21 July 2014</strong></small>21 July 2014

Our Pavilion in Dalian is tested in 1:1 scale

<small><strong class="hdnn">July 2014</strong></small>July 2014

Overlapped City is featured in Chen Chen's article "Redifining Energy
Landscapes in the Post-fossi Era", LAF - Landscape Architecture
Frontiers, Higher Education Press, vol 2 no 3, 2014

<small><strong class="hdnn">14 July 2014</strong></small>14 July 2014

reMIX wins the 3rd prize with a proposal for the costal redevelopment
of Qianhai. An open competition with 62 entries and with a jury
composed by: James Corner (Field Operations), Thom Mayne (Morphosis),

<small><strong class="hdnn">July 2014</strong></small>July 2014

reMIX Studio designed "Transmutations", an ephemeral installation
for Vision Lab - "The power of food".

<small><strong class="hdnn">June - November 2014</strong></small>June - November 2014

YMZ2 is part of the exhibition "Across Chinese Cities" organized by the
Beijing Design Week for the 14th Venice Architectural Biennale

<small><strong class="hdnn">8-11 May 2014</strong></small>8-11 May 2014

Nicola Saladino leads the workshop "Smart City & Parametric Urban
Planning" in Pescara University School of Architecture

<small><strong class="hdnn">28 April 2014</strong></small>28 April 2014

"Introduction to Spatial Design", final workshop. Exhibition of
students' work at CAFA International Foundation Course

<small><strong class="hdnn">April 2014</strong></small>April 2014

YMZ2 at the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, "Making
Community, Not the Map Nor the Territory", Manchester, UK

<small><strong class="hdnn">March 2014</strong></small>March 2014

Paizi 38 is featured in "Diamond in the Rough", Frame, Vol. 97

<small><strong class="hdnn">December 2013</strong></small>December 2013

reMIX studio is working on the design of a 10000 sqm hotel in Guilin,
China (Check the project here)

<small><strong class="hdnn">6 December 2013</strong></small>6 December 2013

Final review of the 3-week workshop on "Introduction to Spatial Design"
at CAFA International Foundation Course

<small><strong class="hdnn">December 2013</strong></small>December 2013

Paizi 38 is included in "A Future Vista of the Aged Alley",
Vision Magazine, Vol. 135

<small><strong class="hdnn">15 November 2013</strong></small>15 November 2013

Final review of the 3-week workshop on "Introduction to Architectural
Representation" at CAFA International Foundation Course

<small><strong class="hdnn">22 October - 14 November 2013</strong></small>22 October - 14 November 2013

Nicola Saladino leads a workshop on Parametric Urban Design at the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

<small><strong class="hdnn">October 2013</strong></small>October 2013

Federico Ruberto's essay “Material Tactics; Computational techniques
for a tactical resistance.” is published (forthcoming November 2013)
in the book "Unconventional Computing: Design Methods for
Adaptive Architecture", Riverside Architectural Press, Edited by
Rachel Armstrong (AVATAR) and Simone Ferracina (organseverywhere)

<small><strong class="hdnn">October 2013</strong></small>October 2013

"The overlapped city - Dynamic urban codes on compact urban growth
in the renewables era" won the 2013 ASLA (American Society of
Landscape Architects) honor award and is featured on the cover of
Landscape Architecture Magazine

<small><strong class="hdnn">26 September 2013</strong></small>26 September 2013

Federico Ruberto's article "Material Systems" is included in the italian
magazine The essay presents a theoretical discussion
about indexing and cartography, infrastructure and the use of
algorhythms in the urban design process introducing students' works
from the Landscape Urbanism Course - Tsinghua University - Beijing

<small><strong class="hdnn">26th September 2013</strong></small>26th September 2013

Federico Ruberto is selected to present the paper "Material Systems"
in Rome during R.E.D.S. - Rome Ecological Design Symposium
- La Sapienza University. The intervention is part of the Pecha Kucha
"Open Systems"

<small><strong class="hdnn">25 September - 7 October 2013</strong></small>25 September - 7 October 2013

reMIX participates in the 2013 Beijing Design Week with an installation
and a pop-up restaurant for The Orchid Hotel at Paizi Hutong 38,
Links: Dezeen, Morfae, Archilover, Rofy, Gooood, Yatzer

<small><strong class="hdnn">25 September - 7 October 2013</strong></small>25 September - 7 October 2013

reMIX participates in the 2013 Beijing Design Week with an exhibition
at Yangmeizhu 2, Dashilar

<small><strong class="hdnn">September 2013</strong></small>September 2013

reMIX is invited to lead several workshops at CAFA (China Central
Academy of Fine Arts) International Foundation Course during Fall
Semester 2013

<small><strong class="hdnn">24th July 2013</strong></small>24th July 2013

Federico Ruberto is in S?o Paulo at the "File - Electronic Language
international Festival" roundtable to present reMIX Studio and to
introduce the 2013 AA Visiting School "Liquid Urbanism"

<small><strong class="hdnn">16-25 July 2013</strong></small>16-25 July 2013

Federico Ruberto and Eva Castro lead the 2013 AA visiting school
S?o Paulo Liquid Urbanism. The event, organized by Anne Save de
Beaurecueil and Franklin Lee of SUBdv, is part of FILE – International
Festival of Electronic Language

<small><strong class="hdnn">20 April 2013</strong></small>20 April 2013

Federico Ruberto gives a lecture on Education at Tsinghua University.
The lecture "Processes of (dE)DUC(Ac)TION - Fostering Creative
Autonomy" is part of a symposium organized by the Chinese
"Annual Environmental Design Award"

<small><strong class="hdnn">29 March 2013</strong></small>29 March 2013

Chen Chen, Ren Tian and Xu Ke win the commission for an installation
at the 2013 Festival des Architectures Vives in Montpellier, France

<small><strong class="hdnn">26 March 2013</strong></small>26 March 2013

MIT Dialogues on Public Space group led by prof. Antoni Muntadas
visits our office during a field trip to Beijing

<small><strong class="hdnn">7 March 2013</strong></small> 7 March 2013

reMIX and Hunan University Design and Research Institute present a
masterplan for the new governmental area of Zhoufu (Hunan)

<small><strong class="hdnn">5 March 2013</strong></small> 5 March 2013

Overlapped City is displayed in "Out of Bounds" at Harvard GSD
(check the project here)

<small><strong class="hdnn">4 March 2013</strong></small> 4 March 2013

Federico Ruberto and Nicola Saladino lecturing at Hunan University,

<small><strong class="hdnn">19 January 2013</strong></small> 19 January 2013

Final review of the LCD course (Laboratory for Computational Design)
at Crystal Headquarters, Beijing
(check reMIX' workshop here)

<small><strong class="hdnn">7 January 2013</strong></small>7 January 2013

Chen Chen gives a lecture on new urban frameworks for renewable energy
at 新奧能源 ENN Group, Beijing, China

<small><strong class="hdnn">6 January 2013</strong></small>6 January 2013

Harvard GSD students visit our studio during a two weeks field trip in

<small><strong class="hdnn">17 December 2012</strong></small>17 December 2012

Chen Chen is invited to display Delta City (Living with Flooding) at the
2012 Rotterdam Architecture Biennale

(check the project here)

<small><strong class="hdnn">14 December 2012</strong></small>14 December 2012

Final review of the Landscape Urbanism course at Tsinghua University
(check the students' work here)

<small><strong class="hdnn">15 November 2012</strong></small>15 November 2012

Federico Ruberto is invited to the projects review at Enrique Limon's
studio - Pratt Institute - NY

<small><strong class="hdnn">1-20 November 2012</strong></small>1-20 November 2012

Nicola Saladino leads a workshop on Parametric Urban Design at the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(check the students' work 体彩14场胜负中奖规则)

<small><strong class="hdnn">1 November 2012</strong></small>1 November 2012

EPMA mid-term review at Tsinghua University